Page 16 - India Destination Lookbook 2020-21
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The very mention of Goa, brings to mind serene beaches with
                                            the turquoise ocean water touching the shores lazily and also

                                            the Goan culture well known throughout the world. A land of
                                            rich and mystical heritage, Goa attracts people from all walks
                                            of  life,  be  it the  lone  backpacker, the  luxury vacationer or  a

                                            businessman on a work trip. The sun-kissed beaches and the
                                            serene blue seas are only part of the Goan fable. Walk through
                                            the  meandering  lanes  and  you’ll  see  a  vibrant  way  of  life,

                                            colourful  and  carefree  in  its  nature. Goa thrives year-round,
                                            attracting people from all around the world.

                                            A  reflection of  everything Goan, The  Zuri White Sands, Goa
                                            Resort & Casino is one of the ‘Best Beach Resorts in Goa’, A fact

                                            evident by the awards it has won, on account of being a much
                                            sought-after luxury beach resort. Varca, the picturesque beach
                                            on which the resort is located, is a place that offers privacy and
                                            solitude and an authentic Goan experience. Spread across 37

                                            acres, the resort is indeed a paradise, replete with a long pool,
                                            spectacular  sea-facing  Goan-style  luxury  rooms  and  a  wide
                                            gamut of  cuisine,  ranging from  authentic Goan to  European

                                            and Pan-Asian cuisine. Dunes, a favourite amongst our guests,
                                            has the distinction of being the only Resort in Goa.

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